Group Loop Tour

Group Loop Tour

For large groups of over 25 pax, we recommend a city or desert loop tour, where we use the same cars to drive multiple shorter tours, such as 3 x 1hr loops or 2 x 2hr loops.

This is a cost-effective option for those who wish to include multiple activities into a supercar tour or for those with too many people to drive as one convoy.

Loop tours can start from any venue, although to maximize the driving experience, we recommend starting at a desert location such as Al Badayer Retreat.

Sample Schedule

Group A does supercar drive, Group B does dune buggy activity and Group C eats lunch.

Group B does supercar drive, Group C does dune buggy activity and Group A eats lunch.

Group C does supercar drive, Group A does dune buggy activity and Group B eats lunch.

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