Renting A Supercar In The UAE? Proceed With Caution

When visiting the United Arab Emirates, it’s hard to resist the allure of renting a supercar to cruise through the glamorous streets of Dubai or explore the scenic desert roads. The prospect of driving a high-performance machine is undeniably thrilling.

Still, before you jump behind the wheel, there are a few essential considerations and pitfalls to be aware of. Let’s take a closer look at how to rent a supercar in the UAE while staying savvy and safe.

Beware Of Unrealistically Low Prices

In the UAE, you’ll find numerous supercar rental sites promoting unbelievable deals, often with prices that seem too good to be true. Be cautious of these offers, as some companies may advertise cars they don’t even own. 

These “bargains” are often bait to attract tourists intending to profit from their deposits later on. Always remember quality comes at a price, and if it sounds too cheap, it probably is.

Passport Retention And Cash Deposits Are Red Flags

Any company that requests to hold onto your passport while you have the car should raise immediate red flags. Your passport is an essential travel document; no legitimate rental agency should request it as collateral. 

Additionally, a company that insists on a cash deposit is another warning sign. Legitimate car rental agencies usually accept credit card payments, providing a more secure and traceable transaction.

Read And Understand The Contract

Before signing anything, carefully read and understand the rental contract. Pay close attention to clauses related to insurance coverage, mileage limits, fuel policies, and, crucially, any penalties or charges for damages. Some companies may impose exorbitant fees for even minor scratches or dings, so knowing what you agree is essential.

Renting a supercar in Dubai? Proceed with caution.

Check For Speed Restrictions

Certain rental agencies in the UAE may impose maximum speed restrictions on their supercars. Ensure you enquire about these limitations, as breaching them could result in significant fines or penalties. It’s essential to know the rules of the road and respect them at all times.

Inspect The Car Thoroughly

When the supercar is delivered to you, take your time to inspect it carefully. Note any existing damages, scratches, or dents, and ensure the rental agency documents these. 

It’s also advisable to take photos and videos of the car from multiple angles, including the underside. This documentation can be crucial in any disputes regarding the car’s condition upon return.


Renting a supercar in the UAE can be a memorable and exhilarating experience, but navigating the process cautiously is essential. Be wary of overly tempting offers and red flags such as passport retention and cash deposits, and always read the rental contract thoroughly. 

Additionally, watch for any imposed speed restrictions and document the car’s condition with photos and videos upon delivery and return. By staying informed and vigilant, you can enjoy the supercar adventure of your dreams while safeguarding your interests and peace of mind.