Dewalt Event

Gear Up Events organized a fantastic celebration for DeWalt’s 100th anniversary at the Dubai Autodrome on May 18th and 19th. The event was a mix of networking, fun challenges, and the showcasing of DeWalt’s extensive product range for its distributors and customers.

Our careful planning and coordination were key. We worked closely with DeWalt’s team to bring their vision to life, creating detailed floor plans and itineraries as well as coordinating with vendors and suppliers. Not only did we support DeWalt with the planning process, our team was on-site for event set-up and throughout the event to handle all the details and provide support.

The Dubai Autodrome, known for racing, was the perfect setting. One highlight was the pit stop challenge, where guests used DeWalt tools in a simulated pit stop to test their speed. This showed how reliable and efficient DeWalt’s products are while adding some friendly competition. Guests also got to try out DeWalt’s latest tools in interactive zones. Expert demonstrations showed the quality and capabilities of the tools up close. We also arranged custom designed simulators from Teleios, where guests could virtually race on the Autodrome track. Winners of the competitions received vouchers for a driving experience on the race track, making it a popular attraction.

On Day 2, we brought in nine McLaren cars and arranged an exciting driving experience through Dubai. This event celebrated DeWalt’s partnership with McLaren, highlighting the precision and performance of both brands.

The weekend was full of excitement and energy, attracting corporate guests, tool enthusiasts, and motorsport fans. Gear Up Events ensured everything went off without a hitch, making the celebration a huge success that honored DeWalt’s 100-year journey.