Supercar track day at Dubai Autodrome

Gear Up Events and Luxury Network UAE unite for an exciting supercar track day at Dubai Autodrome

On March 23rd, Gear Up Events and The Luxury Network UAE hosted an exceptional event at Dubai Autodrome, merging speed and elegance, attracting over 100 supercar owners and 250 elite attendees. This event, defined by automotive luxury and high-end networking, offered an experience beyond the ordinary, highlighting the lavish lifestyle of the privileged few.

Guests were warmly welcomed with specially curated goody bags, setting a tone of bespoke luxury from the outset. The event buzzed with excitement, amplified by the presence of top luxury brands and the roar of supercar engines. Enthusiasts had the opportunity to unleash their vehicles’ potential on the track, while others enjoyed high-speed passenger rides, creating a vivid atmosphere of adrenaline and luxury.

Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed gourmet offerings from top culinary experts, enhancing the experience with luxurious flavors. Additionally, the integration of racing simulators added a digital dimension to the real-world thrills, offering an immersive racing experience.

The day concluded with a ceremony where prizes worth over $10,000 were awarded to winners of the fastest lap competition and a luxury raffle, underlining the event’s commitment to exceeding expectations. This Supercar Track Day stood out as a celebration of luxury and automotive excellence, made possible by the support of partners like FalconCo, RIF Trust, Hortman Clinics, Sunseeker Gulf, Montegrappa, Voss, AR Motors, Bridgestone, European Autospares, Benrock Capital, Cars Nā€™ Cigars, Fadi Balhawan Arts, GMT GCC, Seven Watches, Teleios, KIZA Restaurant & Lounge, KIZA Bespoke, Barakat, Dibba Bay, Godiva, and LAVO, marking it as a milestone in luxury events. The day was not just about showcasing supercars but also about crafting an extraordinary experience where passion and precision meet in the pursuit of unparalleled luxury.