Karting Event “Chasing victory, one lap at a time. 🏆”

The high-octane world of karting came alive on Thursday, 25th January, as the members of Gear Up Private Members Club swapped their supercars for Karts and took part in a thrilling karting competition at the iconic Dubai Outdoor Kartdrome. Karting enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies gathered at the track, eager to showcase their skills and compete for the top spot.

Once all members had arrived, the evening began with a safety briefing where participants were well-informed about the track rules, safety measures, and karting etiquette, laying the foundation for a secure and enjoyable racing experience.

Then came Qualifying. Positions in the main race were dictated by the best lap times reached in the qualifying race, where we saw a range of techniques from competitors. Once the results were in, guests enjoyed a refreshment break whilst the karts were placed on the grid, ready for the final race.

The final race saw competitiveness at its limits as participants pushed the karts to the max and achieved some amazing results! By 08:30 pm, the checkered flag waved, bringing the exhilarating event to a close.

After taking off their helmets and hanging up their racing suits, the participants gathered around the podium to hear the results of the race. The award ceremony recognized the top three drivers of the day with bronze, silver and gold trophies. It was no surprise that the champion of the day was a professional racing driver who won by a landslide.

After the celebration of the winners, the group departed from Kartdrome and shared track stories and lap times over dinner at drinks at the nearby Petit Belge in Motor City, celebrating another exciting and successful event for the Gear Up Private Club Members.

All thoroughly enjoyed the day, setting the stage for a series of exciting Gear Up events in the upcoming months.